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Filling in the Gaps: Survey Results on Technology in ECE Classrooms

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Who is guiding the survey project and why?

There is very little data available on how technology is used in early childhood classrooms. To fill this gap, the Early Childhood Technology Collaborative (ECTC) decided to go to the source. We asked teachers and administrators how they choose and use different kinds of technology with children ages 2 – 8 years. In our work, we’ve encountered many questions about how the proliferation of technology tools is impacting early learning classrooms and programs.  We launched this collaborative to gather information on particular focus areas that have not been addressed in the current literature or collected in other recent surveys.  The data will reveal how technology is being used in the early childhood education field and how educators feel about it. You can learn more about ECTC and the survey series here.

Where is the survey series currently?

The second survey in the series, ‘Teacher’s Voices’, exclusively for early childhood teachers who teach children ages 2 through age 8, is now open. The purpose of this survey is to learn more firsthand from teachers about their classroom practices using technology with children. We hope you will complete the survey and/or pass it along to teachers with your encouragement. Click here to view the survey.

What have we learned so far?

The results of the first survey ‘Early Childhood Technology Today Survey, 2012’ are in and we wanted to share some highlights!

Early Childhood Technology Collaborative (ECTC) conducted an overview survey to learn more about this important topic straight from the source. Approximately 500 early childhood teachers and administrators in programs which serve children ages 2-8 completed the first part of the “2012 Early Childhood Technology Today Survey.”

Interactive technologies are defined here as: desk/laptops, interactive whiteboards, tablets, handhelds devices (such as ebook readers), smartphones, and multi-touch tables/surfaces.

Eighty-one teachers and 57 administrators indicated they do not use any of these interactive technologies.

Read more highlights, with detailed stats and graphs from Survey I on our blog.

Initial Results from Survey I – An Infographic

ECTC Infographic

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