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Join us every Wednesday evening at 9pm EST for #ecetechchat,  a lively hour of “thematic” tweeting about early childhood technology. Every week, we post the topic for the week right here on this page! Sometimes we offerguiding questions. Just follow #ECEtechCHAT all of the time, and you will know what’s in store for the upcoming chat…

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Upcoming #ECEtechCHAT Chat Topics:

11/14/2012: Educational Technology Conferences: What makes ‘em tick, tock, rock, or stink?

We’re still fired up from Tech on Deck at the Annual NAEYC Conference, and gearing up for other technology conferences.

Join us at 9 PM Eastern Time to chat about:

  • What  you like, dislike, respect, and value in educational technology events;
  • How  you lead educational technology events or what you would like technology event leaders and organizers to know.
  • Which aspects of technology events can translate to virtual conferences and which cannot be replicated in a virtual environment;
  • How you might replicate successful event practices  in your community or online.


10/31/2012:  #ECE Faculty and #ECEtech

Halloween?  Bah! We’re still chatting! Here are the guiding questions

  • What do teacher educators and faculty need to know about using technology to teach their students?
  • What do teacher educators and faculty need to know about using technology in early childhood classrooms?
  • What do they need to teach pre-service teachers about how to use technology?
  • What is the connection between traditional content and teaching about how to use technology?


10/24/2012:  What’s new Wednesday! Shiny new edtech tools! Are they all they are cracked up to be in early ed?

I’m guessing they are, but we’ll find out: We’re talking about bright new shiny tech tools. It’s not just about iPad Mini…I have one I want to share, but shhhhh! I’m not telling until #ECEtechCHAT.


10/17/2012- Policies, requirements, & standards that restrict the use of technology tools in early education settings. 

Are there standards in your state that are out of step with and out of compliance with the NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center position statement on technology use in early childhood settings?  Or does your program, school system or state requirements support the use of technology in the classroom? What impact do these supports or restrictions have on your ability to offer developmentally appropriate, responsive, and realistic experiences? We want to hear from you!


10/3/2012- Technology devices and strategies for art and music experiences in  early education. Share your ideas, solutions, resources, and apps!


9/11- Terrible Tech! Share your nightmares, horror stories, and struggles, and of course, solutions!


9/5 – Networking – Social media, live networking, PLNs, conferences – How early childhood educators connect using electronic media and offline (IRL) opportunities.

Guiding questions:

1. What is your preference for networking for professional reasons: online (via social media, forums, listervs, intranets, etc.) or offline, in real life experiences (like conferences, meetings, study groups, etc.)

2. How do your colleagues or staff members prefer to connect?

3. What elements are important to make online and IRL (in real life) networking opportunities work?

4. What are some of your favorite venues for networking? (Favorite conferences, live chats, etc.) and what makes them so successful?

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